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We source the best products and services from around the world to give you the very best of everything!

We specialize in high-end concierge services for a deluxe lifestyle. Our experts have more than a decade of experience in luxury lifestyle management that allows us to bring the best possible concierge services to your table.  We help you garner everything and anything from around the world with the best possible price and quality. Our members enjoy unprecedented experience with regards to Lifestyle management. Our policies are geared towards enabling our customers and members to experience the very best of life through one of the Worlds luxurious products and services.

Our membership benefits

  • We don’t believe that expensive products and services are always the best, which is why our experts are always focused on searching for the best possible deals for the kind of products and services you require.
  • We help you save money by investing in services that are worth your time and requirement.
  • We are more than just personal assistants; our experts have substantial industry experience and know-how to make sure that they deliver the best possible service according to your needs.
  • Our members enjoy exclusive service deals that aim to enhance your customer experience.
  • We offer 24/7 service for our members to make sure that we are available for your needs whenever and wherever you need us.
  • Our members enjoy the very best of lifestyle products from around the world.

Corporate membership

We understand what it takes to meet an individual business’s corporate requirements.

Our corporate membership aims to fulfill your specific business needs. We work with organizations and high-end luxury brands to significantly impact product offering, customer acquisition and retention. Our corporate membership aims to fulfill the challenging needs of a corporate level organization. With our corporate membership, you get to enjoy both our private membership benefits and corporate level advanced solutions. We have served one of the world’s biggest organizations around the world, helping them find the right solutions for their requirements to sustain a consistent business profile, and we aim to do the same for you!

We believe in creating valuable partnerships with our clients.

Our corporate membership allows businesses to customize their customer packages and customer services to improve their employee benefit program, reward their customers and staff, and add value to the company’s existing products and services for a significant return.

Our services

  • Employee benefit programs and services
  • Company event coordination
  • Dinner reservations for company meetings
  • Career Services
  • Errand services
  • Business travel Arrangements
  • Administrative support services
  • Corporate gift purchase and delivery services

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Private membership

You deserve the best and we know how to get it for you!

Over private membership is designed for your personal needs and requirements. Our service agents become a regular part of your life and devote their activities to make sure that you get the best possible solution for your requirement without spending a hefty amount of money. Our private membership holders enjoy a tremendous service to a devoted staff that aims to look for opportunities that enhance your everyday experience.

Enjoy a personalized, exclusive and proactive membership.

Our experts are trained to understand your needs requirements without having to ask you anything.  So we are ready to serve whenever you want us. We specialize in all types of concierge services including regular activities that can fall between anything from babysitting to emergency pick up services.

Our lifestyle managers seamlessly integrate with your daily activities to make recommendations wherever necessary for an enhanced experience.

Our services

  • Custom solutions for personalized care
  • Tailor-made, confidential service delivery
  • Instant access to lifestyle managers regardless of your time zone
  • Exclusive events designed specifically for elite members

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Hospitality packages available for all major events across the globe from Film Premieres to Sporting Finals.


The service we provide is second to none. Better than any regular concierge service with the added benefits of discounts through our connections too.


Luxury with virginie Card service ensures that our team attend to your every need around the clock. No matter what time zone you are in.